Four more months have gone by, and I've finally put out another blog post[0].

It's a pretty short one this time, but one I've felt was necessary. The topic - grouping exports in using -modules - is one that I feel is very underexposed. I've tried to find resources on how to use ES6 modules in TypeScript several times and in the end trial and error was the way to find out.

I hope the post saves someone the trouble.


After only three weeks my already has 150 notes and 437 internal links. I can't tell wether this is a sustainable form of for my thoughts and work, but it is definitely habit-forming and feels good.

Props to [0] for being a pretty awesome tool for this. I have neuron's static site generator and server running continuously via systemd and it makes writing and navigating the zettelkasten very comfortable.


Pet Peeve:

When someone starts to list things by going "a) this and that" or "on the one hand ..." and then never goes on with a second item to that list. It just feels incomplete.

So they

1. realize that what they want is impossible
2. they demand it anyway

Why am I reading the word "competent" so frequently in there? It does not seem like there was anyone competent involved.

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Oh shit, it keeps going: The Presidency of Council of the European Union has given out a revised version of the Draft Council Resolution on Encryption[0] that I've quoted before[1].

Current moneyquote:

"[...] there are instances where encryption renders analysis of the content [...] challenging or practically impossible [...]. [...] it is therefore essential to preserve the powers of competent authorities [...] to carry out their tasks."



Gleich geht's los: Tagung u.a. mit
Keynotes von Aline Blankertz und Lorrie Cranor
Moderation: Uwe Jean Heuser

Kostenlos teilnehmen ab 10:30 Uhr

I've been trying out the [0] method using neuron [1] over the past one and a half weeks. So far, it feels pretty good just to write down thoughts and information that I think might be relevant at some point.

I feel like I have forgotten more already than I currently know, so storing information feels important.

Structuring the mess of thoughts and data, giving it shape and making it navigable is amazing.


Any cleartext access given to governments requires the use of a backdoor/master key.

This introduces a new vector of attack - gaining access to this master key makes every digital communication that adheres to these laws legible. Government agencies and service providers will become high value targets, since hacking them will mean hacking everyone.

This proposal and its implications make encryption basically useless.

Please use decentralized, end to end encrypted services to circumvent this.

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The Presidency of the Council of the European Union has sent out a "Draft Council Declaration on Encryption - Security through encryption and security despite encryption"[0].

In it they state that strong is important to them and acknowledge its importance for . However, in the same breath, they state their intent to undermine it by collaborating with tech firms to gain access to clear data in a "lawful manner".

This is dangerous to encryption and security overall.

So get this: OpenAI [0], whose mission statement includes insuring that "artificial general [鈥 benefits all of humanity" [1] partners with for exclusive licensing of GPT-3 [2], their newest advance in natural language modelling [3].

Thus ensuring, that advances in do not benefit anyone but tech giants and existing monopolists. What the fuck?


Today I woke up and saw someone posting an article entitled "If You Are Not Happy with the State of Magic, Stop Giving Wizards Your Money"

It's about Magic the Gathering, but man. It really took me a minute.

Also we intend to host some fediverse related services too - mastodon and maybe others. will at some point migrate to

Show thread is growing in services, if not yet in users.

After setting up with , we now have single sign on for and !

Everything is on an invite-only basis so far. If anyone is interested in some self-hosted services and independence from big tech companies, drop me a dm.

We try to build a community around providing free services for free people :)

TIL the wayback machine has an API for creating website archives [1].

I might want to use that if I ever get around to bulding something memex-y 馃


Finally got my ergodox-ez [0] set up with my custom firmware[1] for the neo2 layout[2]!

It's incredible what a custom keyboard layout can do for you. It definitely takes some getting used to but I love having my modifiers exactly where I want them.

Big shoutout and thanks to mjonuschat[3] for building a neo2 firmware for qwerty, which i based mine upon.


Setting up kubernetes by hand is a pain but damn is it satisfying to see a pod go whee to the node where there are yummy resources to be consumed.

Today I learned: does not support ordering in updates.

That might not seem necessary at first, but in the very specific case that you have an index on a table and want to update the index field on many rows (e.g. to move items up in a queue) then you can easily run into contraint violations with large amounts of rows.

The fix - which I don't really like - is deferrable constraints. [0]

and some others support order by in updates 馃


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