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I also like their first response to my membership request: They try to offer mentoring to new members to make connections and get to know the organization.

That's probably a good way to keep new members engaged :D

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Whoo I am now a member of the Forum InformatikerInnen für Frieden und gesellschaftliche Verantwortung e.V. - a german association of computer scientists for peace and societal responsibility.

I'm looking forward to contributing my technical knowledge and hopefully making a difference.

The founder of, Brian Warner, gives a statement on 's business practices as part of the ongiong investigation.

Warner's story is a good example for google's predatory tactics and monopolistic power and why platform providers for your product can always turn into competitors.

I feel like people don't understand the concept of unions. I hear liberal teachers in red states saying things like "they'll take our teaching certification away if we strike." People need to familiarize themselves with the kind of threats employers always make

Trick for those in need:

If you ever have to unmount an nfs device that is unresponsive (e.g. because you shut down the server without thinking of unmounting first), you can do a lazy umount:

`umount -l {mountPoint}`

This will remove the mount point and clean up everything only when the mount point is not busy anymore.

Isn't it ironic that the only continent not colonized by ants is Ant-arctica?


Was ist eigentlich ? Diskutiert mit uns und stellt uns Fragen 🌺

I just had an exchange on bookface, and decided to just dip instead of participating in it, but I'm still seething over it, so we're going to discuss it here.

Post from friend: It's impossible to live while working 40 hours unless you have someone doing labor for you. It's a relic from an era with housewives as the norm.

Comment from friend of friend: It's really just a matter of scheduling. [two dense paragraphs about how to schedule your day if you work exactly 8 hours and have no commute.]

> Men work construction jobs because they need the money. But they also take pride in their daily work product, and the more general fact that they build and fix the concrete world that we all need.

An article by a former construction worker about the undervaluing of construction workers. About stereotypes, real and conveniently fictional and about hard work.

For me - spending most of my time sitting in front of a computer - an unfamiliar and interesting perspective.

> When you’re in zero-sum mode and derogating your rival group, any of its values that seem different from yours may share in the derogation.

A fascinating article about how a common morality could help solve many conflicts - and why it won't solve even close to all of them.

Also a good case for utilitarianism, as well as for always reflecting on your own judgement and the values it is based upon.

Fully homomorphic encryption could give us a way to fully encrypt personal data in events and compute on it without ever decrypting it.

We'll need to wait and see how applicable this is to domain logic outside of machine learning, but it seems like a good direction to investigate.

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When working with event sourcing, one of the biggest problem's I've encountered is protection of private data.
If a user wants their data removed, the event log must be edited - which is antithetical to the event sourcing approach.
If user data should be opaque to the system managing it, complicated encryption can be done on events, but key management becomes weird quickly.

However, if I understand this correctly, an IBM trial might give us new technology for this:

It only took me five months, but I finally published the next post in my blog series on website layout using css grid 😂
This post takes apart the medium-sized layout of my blog:

New video by Philosophy Tube. This is a much more practical one about logical arguments and how to destructure them to make sense of them.
Funny and insightful, as always 👌


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