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We have just released community technical preview version 6 [1] 🎉

Wolkenkit is a and framework for .js.
The newest version contains arbitrary notifications, which are mainly intended for notifying clients of updates in views.

Come check us out at github [2]. You can also join the conversation and give us feedback on our community slack [3].


Just a quick reminder that Free and Open Source Software isn't a competition among ourselves.

We're fighting against those who would co-opt general purpose computing.

It doesn't matter if you're on the BSD side or the Linux side, or if you believe that KDE is great or that GNOME is amazing (or prefer a tiling window manager). We're all on the same side.

We're at our best when we link our arms together and say in a clear voice, you'll have to pass through all of us to overcome all of us.

I'm looking for a good solution to collect . My main goal is to keep a searchable log of all the news articles/papers/stuff I've read to later my claims.

So far I'm using zotero [1], but it is proprietary and I'm forced to use their cloud for multi-device-sync.

I want something that looks more like memex [2], but has a backend and its own gui.

Does anyone know something like this? Boosts appreciated.


TIL: there are atom feeds for youtube channels. The url schema is<channel_id>.

Now I'm thinking about what I can do with this 🤔 I really need some process automation service like huginn again for random stuff aggregation like this.

I even found a nice tui for : gomuks [1]

Written in go, under development and has a nice little community on matrix at


The protocol [1] seems like a good alternative to all the common messaging solutions like and .

I tried to set up a [2] server with a friend yesterday for fun and we were up and chatting within an hour.

Matrix feels like an important step towards secure direct communication in the . Does anyone have experience with using it for a longer time/hosting it?


boiling spaghetti water: *angry bubbling noises, threatening to overflow*
me, blowing gently: *shhhhh*
water: ₒₖₐᵧ

why is spaghetti water so a n g e r y

Web by Google (TM)

A fatalistic but all too relatable outlook on the power holds over the web.

This parody of the 1984 ad from Apple is quite good

It's also quite rich coming from Epic who has been playing their own version of shenannigans with exclusive releases for their own platform.

In closing: watching companies fight for control of general purpose platforms is fun. Let's continue to make them irrelevant.

1.0 has finally been released:

I've played the beta since 2014 and continuously followed the development.

Wube Software are one of the best out there and factorio sure scratches that base building and automation itch like no other game I've tried.

Big congratulations to Wube Software for getting the full release out :D

Two days ago I posted a link to a statement from's founder about how google scraped their hard-produced, unique data to present them without credit.

It doesn't surprise me in the least, that is doing this everywhere: alleged and proved - quite cleverly - that google is scraping their data against their TOS and presents them as google's own data.

We seriously need to do something against monoliths like google.

I also like their first response to my membership request: They try to offer mentoring to new members to make connections and get to know the organization.

That's probably a good way to keep new members engaged :D

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Whoo I am now a member of the Forum InformatikerInnen für Frieden und gesellschaftliche Verantwortung e.V. - a german association of computer scientists for peace and societal responsibility.

I'm looking forward to contributing my technical knowledge and hopefully making a difference.

The founder of, Brian Warner, gives a statement on 's business practices as part of the ongiong investigation.

Warner's story is a good example for google's predatory tactics and monopolistic power and why platform providers for your product can always turn into competitors.

I feel like people don't understand the concept of unions. I hear liberal teachers in red states saying things like "they'll take our teaching certification away if we strike." People need to familiarize themselves with the kind of threats employers always make

Trick for those in need:

If you ever have to unmount an nfs device that is unresponsive (e.g. because you shut down the server without thinking of unmounting first), you can do a lazy umount:

`umount -l {mountPoint}`

This will remove the mount point and clean up everything only when the mount point is not busy anymore.

Isn't it ironic that the only continent not colonized by ants is Ant-arctica?


Was ist eigentlich ? Diskutiert mit uns und stellt uns Fragen 🌺

I just had an exchange on bookface, and decided to just dip instead of participating in it, but I'm still seething over it, so we're going to discuss it here.

Post from friend: It's impossible to live while working 40 hours unless you have someone doing labor for you. It's a relic from an era with housewives as the norm.

Comment from friend of friend: It's really just a matter of scheduling. [two dense paragraphs about how to schedule your day if you work exactly 8 hours and have no commute.]

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